Recent Projects


Govt of Karnataka Koosamma Shambhu Shetty Memorial Haji Abdullah Mother & Child Hospital - Udupi 

This path breaking hospital project is built by a distinguished healthcare entrepreneur Padmashree Dr BR Shetty for the poor people of Udupi. 220 bed Hospital with 17343Sq meter.


The hospital building is composed of 224  modules manufactured in the company’s mafacturing facility at Mangalore. Module Production started December 2016, 224 Modules manufactured in just 89 days & set crews utilized one of the largest crawler cranes made and strategically planned its central location to set each of the 224 modules.the module erection finished within 21 days. The total completion of the hospital in 13 months.

avitis picture.png

Avitis Super Specialty Hospital 

Avitis is proposed as a 200-bed facility that will provide a comprehensive range of tertiary super specialty medical care in its initial phase of operation.

The hospital building is composed of 200 modules manufactured in the company’s mafacturing facility at Nemmara - Palakkad. Module Production started August 2016, 200 Modules manufactured in just 70 days the module erection finished within 18 days. The total 12  months start to finish

sychelles inoguration.jpg

H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hospital- Seychelles, Africa

30 bed hospital specialised in women and children care including Operating rooms, ICU’s, Radiology dept. and all support service facilities.Almost 90% of construction process is carried out from Modular Concept’s factory at Dubai including fit-out& MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) works, the module then be transported to Seychelles.Simultaneous onsite preparation and offsite manufacturing cuts build times by as much as half. Modules are weather-sealed transported by ship to Seychelles from Dubai. The module frames are extremely strong, very durable and designed to stack.The Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation has inaugurated the ShaikhKhalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Hospital, built at the cost of Dh23 million, in the Seychelles.


Shell India

Modular Building for Shell Retail Fuel Station convenience stores & canopies at 100 locations across India - Piolet Projects in Chennai & Bangalore completed  and 2 locations in Bangalore ongoing,

Convenience  store canopy combo  with attractive design, energy efficient engineering and 90 per cent of the building off site, accelerated construction schedule.

nelliyampathy school.jpg

Nelliyampathy Polachirakkal Higher Secondary School - Nelliyampathy - Palakkad, Kerala

Project Area : 22000  Sq.ft - HSC School block, HSS block, Kitchen Block, Toilet Block, Compound Wall Since new educational buildings need to be completed within one academic year while building extensions need to be finished  during the summer vacation, pre-engineered steel buildings would be the most logical solution.  In addition, steel buildings also satisfy the spatial requirements specified in the Department for Education Building Bulletins. They are flexible enough to allow for immediate changes, and provide satisfactory acoustic and thermal insulation.

dr peethambaran villa.jpg

Dr. Peethambaran Villa Yakkara 

Yakkara - Palakkad, Kerala

Project Area : 3200 Sq.ft18 Modules are constructed to exacting quality levels in the controlled factory in Nenmara - Palakkad and with as much as 80% of the buildings manufactured offsite

completely customized both inside and out, modern design aesthetic. The bedrooms are spaced throughout the home and include built-in robes for extra storage space.

cmc vellore modcongroup.jpg

Christian Medical College-CMC, Vellore

Vellore Tamil Nadu - India

Christian Medical College - CMC, Vellore - New OT Block Conversion of the erstwhile SNH building with additions. Project value ; 49 Crores

GHSS Kuthuparamba.jpeg

Kuthuparamba Government Higher Secondary School Thalassery - Coorg Hwy, Kuthuparamba, Kerala 

Construction of new Academic block using volumetric modular construction, Renovation of existing block, adding new  façade cladding to match the standard design

peringothukara farm house.jpg

Peringottukara farmhouse
Peringottukara - Thrissur - Kerala 

Project Area: 3200 Sq. ftCreated a carefully planned and designed farmhouse that offers an energy-saving feature. 

nmc daycare modcongroup1.jpg


The project comprises of a day surgery center consisting of ground floor, first floor and second floor in an existing  prestige  tower  in  Mohd  Bin  Zayed  City.  The  ground  floor  with  two  separate  entrances  for pharmacy and coffee shop. The first floor contains medical areas, and medical support facilities including laboratory  and  2 operation  theatre.  Second  floor  contains  outpatient  department.  The  project  is classified of medical usage for the transaction of professional services, and other services involving buildings and similar use. The scope of works under this contract include MEP works and medical engineering and fitout works engineering works. 

modular concepts.jpg

 NMC Royal Hospital – DIP , Dubai 

Modular Operating Rooms, Interior fit-out , Medical Gas Systems, Customized patient Bed Head Panels, Nurse Call Systems Radiation Shielding along with the pre-installation requirement  for the X-Ray Machines Low Current Systems including BMS Complete Medical Engineering Works 



Work comprise of the construction of a maternity hospital (Bright point hospital) in an existing tower,  Tower  B  of  Al  Jazirza  facility  in  Muroor  Road,  Abu  Dhabi.  The  building  consists  of  Ground, Mezzanine and 15 floors in shell and core without floor ceilings etc. except in main lift lobby area and ground  floor  lobby  area.  The  proposed  facility  has  been  designed  with  retail  and  impatient pharmacies, coffee shop, laboratory, floor receiving and distribution, area to receive clean linen from external  stationary,  consumables  required  regular  basis,  surgical  theatres,  intensive  care  units, nurseries and neonatal intensive care unit etc. The scope include MEP, Medical engineering and fitout services 

burgeel sheikh zayd11.JPG


 Redesigning of Existing 2B +G+2 Building to Hospital located in Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai. The work comprises of MEP and Medical Engineering  and fitout works.  


NMC Specialty Hospital Muscat Oman

NMC Healthcare LLc, Oman Main Hospital facility Renovation G +6 Floors - Design Build
Contract planning and building healthcare facilities face is whether to renovate a current facility to fit the evolving needs of patient care, or to build a new facility altogether. the project includes Interior works, demolition of existing walls, flooring & ceiling systems to adapt the new design. Renovations in Occupied Facilities and Isolated Renovations.

Revamping of existing OT's & medical equipments, Extension of Hospital Wings, MEP, ELV,
BMS, Security system, Medical Gas pipe line systems installation.

burjeel auh18.JPG


 Interior fit-out, 14 Modular Operation theater, Medical Gas System, MEP installation, Laminar Flow Systems, Radiation Sheilding works