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We are really proud that modular concept is one of the most professional and dynamic companies to work with in the modular prefab construction sector. We make sure that we employ people who share our values and constantly strive to create an unbeatable customer experience.  Although we have a common strategy and vision, we care deeply about attracting people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, skills and experiences to become an increasingly diverse and vibrant company.

We celebrate our people for their wide and ranging achievements, passions, talents and quirks. By make use of highly sophisticated robotic technology in modular building construction.

modular construction

We have a strong track record of off-site modular construction and engineering projects throughout the UAE, India and Africa

off-site manufacturing

Building constructed off-site, under controlled factory environment, using recyclable materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventional buildings. 


We are the professional commercial office design, office fit outs, office refurbishments and medical practice fit outs. 


Modular concept covers every aspect of our client’s building and undertakes regular maintenance of every part of the building's mechanical and electrical infrastructure. 

medical engineering

Independent technical service provider for your medical assets total life-cycle management, ensuring compliance on all relevant Standards and minimising clinical downtime.

design & Structural engineering

Modular Concept is a specialist structural, civil, façade and infrastructure engineering consultancy, implementing creative, cost-effective, and readily buildable design solutions. 

civil contracting

Modular concept has a wealth of Civil Engineering experience in design and administration of small to large projects across various market sectors.

aluminium glazing

We offer a range of Glazing Channels to meet your building and design requirements.  

solid surface production

We are the dynamic and innovative company dealing into solid surfaces which offers a range of breakthrough products and makes us the best company in the industry.

project management

Modular concept helps you achieve operational excellence, improve end-customer experience and drive growth by using the latest, most effective engineering and construction project management strategies. 

Modular concepts

the future of building technology

Modular concepts manufacture Hospitals, Schools, Commercial Buildings & Homes in state of the art offsite facility employing the best man power & technologies available globally.

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