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Annual Day Celebrations 2018

Modular Concepts Annual Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in our Palakkad office . The venue was overflowing with zeal, passion and excitement. The Chief Guest was Dr Mohanakrishnan  CEO - Avitis Super Specialty Hospital, the founder & Group Managing Director Mr. Manoj Dharman, Managing Director Smard Mr. Suraj Tandassery, Executive Director Mr. Jaydeep, Director Production Mr. Biji Alex etc. were there to graced the occasion. The staff displayed a wide array of energetic and bouncy entertainment events.


focus on sustainability of Hospitals

At the recently held International Conference, 'AIC TECH 2019' on "Sustainability in Practice – Building Sustainable Hospitals," organised in the national capital by ASHRAE India Chapter, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, experts stressed on various aspects of hospitals such as Energy Management, Modular Constructions, Waste Management, Indoor Air Quality, Smoke Control and Life Safety among others and emphasised on paying more attention to sustainability.

The conference intended to provide a direction for all stakeholders including the government, private promoters, designers, operators, manufacturers, system integrators and all individuals to provide sustainable solutions for growth in the hospital sector

With efficient energy and waste management, modular construction and other improvement measures, the hospitals can be made sustainable and that would be one of the big drivers in creation of a standardized healthcare ecosystem in the country

Modular Concepts Design Director Brijendra Rawat

Hospital industry in India is expected to grow at a CAGR 16-17% from US $ 61.79 billion in FY 17 to US $132.84 billion 2022. The power requirement would also subsequently increase by at least 50% from the present, if not double.

Fortis Healthcare founder Shivinder Mohan Singh