modular concepts

Modular Operating Room

We  offer  turnkey  engineering  solutions  for  modular operating  rooms  which  includes  site  survey,  design, supply, supervision, Installation, Testing & commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of the system. 

The  construction  is  done  with  readymade  prefab panels  with speedy  construction  and  high  quality finishes and flexible to future expansions & maintenance without interrupting other functioning departments.

The advancement of construction systems and technology, allows to adjust budgets and designing spaces of greater efficiency in hospitals. Precisely, the design of surgical areas and their adjoining spaces in hospitals is one of the main elements that determine the effectiveness and performance of a hospital.

Integrated project that innovates the space for hospitalization.  Modular, versatile, ergonomic, the system of headwall and wallsystem is characterized by the selected materials, the use of color, the effective lighting system, the range of advanced and integrated solutions for different healthcare environments, greater simplicity in the reconfiguration and in the implementation of the different elements. 

The system is entirely designed and built in the company, subjected to rigorous checks and tests essential for product certification.

Prefabricated steel structure, designed to simplify and speed up the assembly phases. Functional system of headwall and wallsystem, available already wired. Thanks to a wide choice of elements, materials, finishes and colors, the modular concepts develop the maximum flexibility and availability to create ever-new settings. 

Our modular operating rooms are  flexible, able to adapt to changing needs in future.  Its elements can be easily re-modulated, the users are accessible and implementable, the damaged components can easily be replaced.

allows fast access to the wall cavities through the simple removal of coatings. This means fewer interruptions and in any case very short downtimes.


High performance and resistant materials, with high antibacterial properties. Coating modules made with overlapping geometries to minimize the penetration of liquids. Antibacterial silicone gaskets and coplanar surfaces to guarantee maximum cleaning.

​Certified as a Class IIB medical device in compliance with the 93/42 / EEC Community Directive (EU) & Indian standards.

The wall elements can be easily disassembled and reinstalled, minimizing the operating room downtime.

In addition, the flexibility of modular elements allows a more organized arrangement of facilities, such as switches or plugs.

 We find different types of wall elements. On the one hand the general elements, made of powder coated stainless steel attached to a plasterboard panel. In a module we would have a lower wall element, one for installations and another for an upper wall.

On the other hand, there are glass elements, which do not have a frame and consist of thermally tempered safety glass. These glass elements can be combined with the general elements and distributed in the space with the same flexibility.

High Pressure Laminated Walls

Solid Mineral Surface Walls

Stainless Steel Walls

Glass Walls

Medical Equipment Supply & Installation

In conjunction with our various construction solutions we are able to provide a broad range of products of various brands and services for the healthcare sector.

  • Surgeon Control Panel 

  • Anesthesia Machine

  • Ventilators

  • Pneumatic Tube System

  • Bed Head Unit

  • Nurse Call System

  • Electronic Touch Screen Panel.

  • Pressure Relief Dampers.

  • LED OT Lights with In-built Camera 

  • OT Table 

  • Rigid Pendants / Swivel Pendants

  • Single Arm Pendants

  • Double Arm Pendants with Anesthesia Dock Mounting

  • Magnetic Writing List Board

  • X-ray Viewing LED Screen 

  • Peripheral Lights

  • Hatch Box

  • Storage Unit

  • Infusion /Syringe Pump

  • Ceiling Pendant/Supply Beam

  • Scrub Stations

  • Anti Static/Conductive Flooring

Piped Medical Gas Systems

medical gas pipeline system installation

With over 22 years of experience providing services to hospitals and facilities across Middle East, Asia & Africa, our teams are ready to help specify, install, test and commission your medical gas supply systems and ensure you are fully compliant with local & International Standards.

hospital radiation shielding

Modular Concepts supply an extensive range of radiation shielding products that provide protection against gamma radiation (high frequency) and lower energy x-rays in environments where safety and precision are paramount.